Friday, September 07, 2007

DVD Diva: Director Stephen Poliakoff

Stephen Poliakoff was born in London on December 1st, 1952, to a Russian-Jewish father and an Anglo-Jewish mother. After abandoning his undergraduate degree at Cambridge, he established a reputation in the theatre in the mid 1970s with plays such as Hitting Town and City Sugar. Success as a television playwright followed: Stronger Than the Sun, Bloody Kids and Caught on a Train showed Poliakoff to be a versatile and original new voice. Read more about this interesting director at: or

Almost Strangers *Click here to request this DVD*Almost Strangers
When Daniel attends a family reunion with his parents, he discovers a world he hardly knew existed. Daniel adopts the role of go-between for his glamorous Aunt Alice and his cousins Rebecca and Charles.

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Friends & Crocodiles *Click here to request this DVD*Friends & Crocodiles
Paul is the owner of an impressive house, and throws impressive parties-- as well as being impulsive, generous and imaginative. His secretary can't cope with his maverick ways and leaves under a cloud of disappointment. Yet they are fated to meet up again.

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Gideon's Daughter *Click here to request this DVD*Gideon's Daughter
Gideon Warner is a hugely successful public relations consultant, giving advice about hair, clothes, and social activities to the wealthy. Despite his success he has become disheartened about his business circles and more concerned over his family.

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The Lost Prince *Click here to request this DVD*The Lost Prince
Miranda Richardson and Tom Hollander star as Queen Mary and King George V. After discovering that their son Prince John suffers from epilepsy and learning disabilities, the royals have the boy sent off to be raised in a rural farmhouse, lest he tarnish the family's image of superiority. Removed from the public eye and the attention of his parents, Prince John forms a loving bond with his nurse, Lalla.

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