Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back-to-School Books

Youth Services has several lists of picture books to help your kids with the back-to-school process! Take a look at the lists below, or stop in to the library-- we have back-to-school books displayed in both our picture book area and our fiction section.
Have any of your own favorites you'd like to share? Please comment on this post!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upcoming Event- Breaking In: How to Get Published in the 21st Century

Breaking In: How to Get Published in the 21st Century
Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
7:30 P.M.
Radcliffe Children's Wing, Perrot Memorial Library

A panel of authors and a literary agents will share their experiences and advice on getting your book published.

Panelists include:

"Free Entertainment, for Life" at Your Public Library

Free Entertainment, For Life
There are so many wonderful books that have been written over the centuries, books that will thrill you and make you cry and change you and bring laughter to you and keep you up all night. Even if you did nothing else for the rest of your life but read, you would only be able to get to the most infinitesimal percentage of books that you would be destined to adore. They're just waiting for you -- waiting to be found, right now.

And in most cases, even in these rugged and scary economic times, they're free.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Children's Program Registration Is Going on Now!

Registration for Youth Services' Fall 2011 Program Session is going on now through Friday, September 2nd, 2011. [View the fall program schedule.]
  • Our program registration is by lottery
  • You must have an active library card in good standing to register
  • Obtain a registration postcard for the program of your choice from the Youth Services Circulation Desk
  • Fill out ALL of the required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Address the reverse of the card to yourself
  • Affix a first-class stamp (44¢)
  • Drop off your card at the Youth Services Desk by September 2nd
  • Registration cards will be mailed back to you within a week of the close of registration
Questions? Please give us a call at 203-637-8802, or comment on this post.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Youth Services Graphic Novel Pick

A great new graphic novel we just had to share--

Bad Island, by Doug TenNapel
When Reese is forced to go on a boating trip with his family, the last thing he expects is to be shipwrecked on an island-- especially one swarming with weird plants and animals! What starts out as a bad vacation turns into a frantic adventure, as the castaways must find a way to escape while dodging the island's lethal inhabitants. With few resources, and a mysterious entity on the hunt, each secret unlocked could save them. . . or spell their doom.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Graphic Novels in Youth Services

Sidekicks [ click here to place a hold on this book ] *****Staff Pick*****
Captain Amazing, hero of Metro City, is so busy catching criminals that he rarely has time for his pets at home. He doesn't even notice when they develop super powers of their own. So when he announces he needs a sidekick, his dog, hamster, and chameleon each decide to audition. Then archvillain Dr. Havoc returns to town, and suddenly the Captain's in serious trouble. Can the warring pets put their squabbles aside and work together to save their master?

Mameshiba: On the Loose! [ place hold ]
Meet Mameshiba, the cute little bean dogs with bite! Starring in their first ever adventures, they rescue friends, explore outer space, and offer interesting bits of trivia when you least expect it!

Atlas [ place hold ]
After commanding the Titans in their war against the Olympians, Atlas was forced to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. His life was a tragic story of a long God fighting boredom on Mount Olympus. While monitoring from above, Atlas tracked the emergence of super-powered beings donning capes and tights. Growing restless and craving adventure, Atlas decides to take the world in his hands and become one of the Earth's newest heroes!

The Never-Weres [ place hold ]
Late in the next century, the human race faces extinction. An incurable virus has left the world with no new births since the last generation. Doom is all but certain, yet three of the world's last surviving teens are determined to carry on. When the friends stumble upon the decades-old mystery of a missing girl, it leads them deep into a shocking secret. It will take all their skills to uncover the truth the just might save the world.

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity [ place hold ]
Hakata Soy, former space hero, is doing his best to keep his head down at Astronaut Academy. Things aren't going so great, though. The most popular girl in school has it in for him. His best friend won't return his calls. And his new roommate is a complete jock. Hakata just wants to make a fresh start. But how will he find time to study Anti-Gravity Gymnastics and Tactical Randomness when he's got a robot doppelganger on its way to kill him?

Have a graphic novel or manga series you'd like to see at Perrot? Please comment on this post or e-mail!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Youth Services Fall Program Schedule Now Available

The Youth Services Fall 2011 Program Schedule (.PDF) is now available.

Our program registration is by lottery. Pick up a registration postcard for the program(s) of your choice from the Youth Services Circulation Desk, beginning on Monday, August 15th, 2011. The registration period ends on Friday, September 2nd, 2011, so make sure you have returned your card by that day.

[See detailed registration instructions]

If you have any questions, please comment on this post!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in Youth Services's 2011 summer reading program and weekly contests! This year's theme was "BE A SUPER STAR- READ!"

Please take a look at the four happy winners of our weekly contests! They each won a neat prize pack for finding a little star that was hiding in a different spot in the children's room each week in July.

Over 300 kids signed up for our summer reading program and read over 900 books in total! This year, Perrot made a donation based on each book read by our summer readers to the Greenwich Alliance for Education. The Alliance helps get books to kids in Greenwich who can't afford them. So thanks, readers-- each book you read helped support a great cause!

If you were one of our very special signer-uppers, you can still keep track of the books you read, even though our "official" program has ended! You can either take your reading record home with you, or leave it here in the library. We will also continue to give out prizes for books read (while supplies last, so HURRY!).

We'd also like to give a special mention our teen volunteers, who helped record books for our reading program participants. This year we had 62 volunteers, who together worked nearly 500 volunteer hours. Thanks, guys!

And remember, we still have another month of summer left, so please KEEP READING!