Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shortlist for the Business Book of the Year

The Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award, established in 2005, "aims to identify the book that provides the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues, including management, finance and economics." Here is the shortlist for the 2007 award:
  • Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future, by Iain Carson and Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran (Twelve)
  • The Last Tycoons: The Secret History of Lazard Freres & Co., by William D. Cohan (Doubleday)
  • The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, by Alan Greenspan (Penguin Press)
  • Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them, by Philippe Legrain (Princeton University Press)
  • The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Random House)
  • Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams (Portfolio)

The winning author will receive £30,000 (US$60,000), and the other five shortlisted authors will each receive £5,000 ($10,000). The winner will be announced in London on October 25th, 2007.

DVD Diva: Westerns

Westerns: a genre of novels and short stories, motion pictures, and television and radio shows that are set in the American West, usually in the period from the 1850s to the end of the 19th century. Though basically an American creation, the western had its counterparts in the gaucho literature of Argentina and in tales of the settlement of the Australian outback. The genre reached its greatest popularity in the early and middle decades of the 20th century and declined somewhat thereafter. – from Britannica On-Line

Read more about Western films at:

3:10 to Yuma *Click here to request this DVD*3:10 To Yuma (1957) As other volunteers quit or are killed, a rancher is left alone to deal with the responsibility of putting a captured outlaw aboard a Fort Yuma-bound train.

More at Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Drums Along the Mohawk *Click here to request this DVD*Drums Along The Mohawk (1939) A historical drama that tells the story of a young frontier leader, his spirited wife, and their struggles in the backwoods of New York state.

More at IMDb

Magnificent Seven *Click here to request this DVD*The Magnificent Seven (1960) Seven gunmen are hired by a small village to protect them from the bandits destroying their town.

More at IMDb

Tombstone (1993) Western drama about Wyatt Earp and the showdown at the O.K. Corral

More at IMDb

The Future of UGLIES

The Future of UgliesA most burning question for in-the-know YA readers has been, "When will there be more books by Scott Westerfeld... When will there be another sequel in the UGLIES series?" The cheering answer is here, in a Publisher's Weekly article. --Mrs. Mac

Our Picks!: Sing-Along Stories

Our Picks! for October 2007October's Our Picks! list for Youth Services features great picture books for sing-along! This list of interactive picture books was selected by Mrs. Wynne, our preschool programmer. You can view the full list here.

Do you have some favorite picture books that make YOU want to sing along? Comment on this post and tell us what they are!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Book Review: The World Without Us

The World Without Us *Click here to rquest this book*The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman
[Non-Fiction] This book didn't quite live up to its absolutely fascinating premise: what would happen to Planet Earth if all humans were to disappear overnight? The book was more of a series of loosely-connected articles on the importance of environmentalism than it was a cohesive work of non-fiction. Still, the book is full of interesting tidbits-- New York City would flood without humans to run its pumps; animals like rats that feed off our garbage wouldn't fare too well; Earth's 441 nuclear power plants would either melt or burn with no one to run them, spilling vast quantities of radioactive waste into the air; pet dogs would be killed off by predators, but cats would survive. The chapter about plastics (which as far as we know, never biodegrade-- they simply break down into smaller and smaller particles which are then consumed by animals as small as zooplankton) is particularly enlightening-slash-disturbing. Definitely worth a look, I just wish this book had been a little less disjointed. --Vicky

Open call for reviews!

Enough about us-- what about you? Perrot wants to read reviews from our patrons! Please send us your brief reviews of books, CDs, audiobooks, or movies, to be posted right here, on Perrot's blog.

Here are the details:
  • Please keep submissions to approximately one paragraph in length
  • We cannot publish all submissions
  • We may edit your submission for content and grammar
  • E-mail your reviews (or questions) to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Travel Books

Travel BooksIn honor of Passport Day this past Saturday, the Adult Reference Department put together a display of books on travel. You can now see-- and check out-- lots of titles to help you plan a trip or enjoy some armchair travels. The display is located in the Rand Room.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Frog and Toad! Henry and Mudge! Elephant and Piggie! Ummmmmm, WHO?

This Sunday’s New York Times Book Review featured a piece on favorite early-reader series for children and introduced a hot new duo from Mo Willems, creator of the very popular Knuffle Bunny books. So we were wondering: Which dynamic duo of beginner books is YOUR favorite? (Here are some more names to get you started: Minnie and Moo; Iris and Walter; Pinky and Rex; Zelda and Ivy; Mr. Putter and Tabby.) Hit the comment button below to let us know; then stop in to revisit old favorites and make a few new easy reader friends!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Numbers...

During Fiscal Year 2006-2007, the Library was visited 186,310 times; 239,323 items were borrowed; 21,015 reference questions were answered; and our public computers were used 20,184 times.

It makes us tired just thinking about it!

COIN-TROVERSY: Sacagawea Gets a Makeover

Poor Sacagawea– only 7 years old and she already needs nip/tuck! The dollar coin, first minted in 2000, will undergo a redesign to be unveiled in 2009. How many times have U.S. coins undergone design changes? How many of those state-themed quarters have YOU collected? Want to learn more? Visit the Youth Services "coin collection" to read about how money is made (literally) and made-over!

A few selections:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Skinny Books" and Great Reads

After completing the 500+ pages of Free Food for Millionaires, by Min Jin Lee, which I enjoyed, I decided to head to smaller books as a break. Here are a few more "skinny" books for you to enjoy. . .

[Fiction] This book is about a girl on a Pacific island who learns how a book transports you on many levels, physically and spiritually, to help you through life’s hardships. In spite of war and unspeakable violence, this coming-of-age and survival tale is now on the Shortlist for the Man Booker Prize.

[Mystery] This book is the 18th in Craig's series about J.W. Jackson, a former Boston policeman who currently is an unofficial detective on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. J.W. is hired to watch over the property of Roland “The Monk” Nunes, who has had a rash of vandalism to his property. As with the other titles in this series, the writing is fun, the murders are never very grisly, and there are always some recipes in the back of the book!

[Fiction] This is a very spare little book, about a 50-ish husband given the news that he has a fatal disease and will only live for about 30 days more. He and his wife are shocked, of course, but decide to take a journey traveling the world from A to Z, to see places they always wanted to go to “some time in the future.” They reflect on their past and present as they face the inevitable together.

See the rest of our Great Reads list for September here. --Linda

Friday, September 07, 2007

Another Kids' Graphic Novel Recommendation: Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams *Click here to request this book* Did you like the Owly series? Then try this new graphic novel...

Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon

Robot Dreams is the new graphic novel from Sara Varon, author of last year's picture book format graphic novel, Chicken and Cat. Much longer than Chicken and Cat at 208 pages, Robot Dreams is a bittersweet tale about friendship and loss. Dog buys a build-your-own robot kit, and then takes his new friend with him to the beach. After a fun romp in the surf and a nap in the sand, Robot finds that his parts have rusted together and he is unable to move. Dog has to take the bus back home, but intends to come back later to retrieve his friend (he's awfully big for Dog to carry by himself). When Dog comes back, the beach is closed for the season. Dog sadly carries on, even making a few new but not-quite-right friends along the way, while Robot lies on the beach and daydreams about finding his friend Dog again. Will Robot and Dog ever be reunited? This moving, wordless graphic novel will be appreciated by both adults and kids, although sensitive types (like myself) might find themselves choking back a few tears at the end. --Vicky

Kids' Graphic Novel Recommendation: Fashion Kitty

If you liked Babymouse, you'll love Fashion Kitty!

Fashion Kitty *Click here to request this book*Kiki Kittie is a pretty normal girl. She's got a two average parents, a sometimes-pesty younger sister, a pet mouse (well, maybe not so normal for a cat...), and gets to pick out her own clothes to wear to school. But, she has a secret that only her closest family knows about. . . When fashion disaster strikes, Kiki transforms into FASHION KITTY and flies off to the rescue of anyone in desperate need of fashion advice! The Bulletin of the Center of Children's books called the Fashion Kitty series of graphic novels, which are written by Charise Mericle Harper, "Absolute catnip for reluctant readers [or] budding fashion queens."

Perrot has the first two books in the Fashion Kitty Series: Fashion Kitty, and Fashion Kitty and the Fashion Queen. Watch for the third book in the series (although we're not sure when it's coming out just yet), which is called Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero. --Vicky

DVD Diva: Director Stephen Poliakoff

Stephen Poliakoff was born in London on December 1st, 1952, to a Russian-Jewish father and an Anglo-Jewish mother. After abandoning his undergraduate degree at Cambridge, he established a reputation in the theatre in the mid 1970s with plays such as Hitting Town and City Sugar. Success as a television playwright followed: Stronger Than the Sun, Bloody Kids and Caught on a Train showed Poliakoff to be a versatile and original new voice. Read more about this interesting director at: or

Almost Strangers *Click here to request this DVD*Almost Strangers
When Daniel attends a family reunion with his parents, he discovers a world he hardly knew existed. Daniel adopts the role of go-between for his glamorous Aunt Alice and his cousins Rebecca and Charles.

More at IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Friends & Crocodiles *Click here to request this DVD*Friends & Crocodiles
Paul is the owner of an impressive house, and throws impressive parties-- as well as being impulsive, generous and imaginative. His secretary can't cope with his maverick ways and leaves under a cloud of disappointment. Yet they are fated to meet up again.

More at IMDb

Gideon's Daughter *Click here to request this DVD*Gideon's Daughter
Gideon Warner is a hugely successful public relations consultant, giving advice about hair, clothes, and social activities to the wealthy. Despite his success he has become disheartened about his business circles and more concerned over his family.

More at IMDb

The Lost Prince *Click here to request this DVD*The Lost Prince
Miranda Richardson and Tom Hollander star as Queen Mary and King George V. After discovering that their son Prince John suffers from epilepsy and learning disabilities, the royals have the boy sent off to be raised in a rural farmhouse, lest he tarnish the family's image of superiority. Removed from the public eye and the attention of his parents, Prince John forms a loving bond with his nurse, Lalla.

More at IMDb

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Man Booker Prize Finalists

The Man Booker Prize is the UK’s annual presentation of the best in the year’s fiction. The books must be written in English (no translations) and not self-published. The authors must be from the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland. This summer the Man Booker Prize presented the Longlist of fiction titles, then whittled it down to the Shortlist – this year it consists of six titles:

* Coming soon to Perrot

The Booker Prize winner will be announced on October 16th, 2007.

Two Evenings, Three Books

Perrot Memorial Library

Two Evenings, Three Books
with lecturer and discussion leader
Suzanne Hoover, Ph.D.
The books:
Virginia Woolf (1882-1941)

James Agee (1909-1955) and Walker Evans (1903-1975)

Kazuo Ishiguro (1954-)

Two Wednesdays: October 10th, 2007, and November 14th, 2007
Starting promptly at 7:30 P.M. and running until about 9:15 P.M
in the Rand Reading Room at Perrot

The program is free and includes a copy of each book and a reader's guide. You must sign up in advance, commit to read each book, and attend both evening sessions.

You may register and pick up your materials at Perrot's Adult Circulation Desk.
Sign up soon, as attendance is limited to 25 people.

For further information (or to sign up) e-mail Karen Watt (karenbwatt at or Lucy Hedrick (lucy at

Don't Miss the Bus!

Don't Miss the Bus!During the past week or two, the Greenwich Time has published several articles (and even a quiz) about school bus-safety awareness. Visit Perrot’s Youth Services Department to pick up a book or two about this back-to-school tradition! Here are a few to get your motor humming:

New Voting Machine Demo

The League of Women Voters will be at Perrot on Monday, October 29th, 2007, between 10 A.M. and 12 P.M., to demonstrate the new voting machine technology that will be employed throughout Connecticut in the November elections. They will educate describe how the polling place layout and procedures will change, and present sample ballots to familiarize patrons with the new processes.

September is Library Card Sign-up Month

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month.

Sign up for a Library Card at the Youth Services Desk during September and you will receive a special treat!