Monday, June 30, 2008

Best Careers for Your Personality

Looking for a career? Are you trying to make a job change or simply get your first job? The VGM Careers for You series of books will help narrow down the possibilities so you can turn your passion and personality into a way to earn. Consider Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls and Careers for Competitive Spirits & Other Peak Performers. These books are both by Jan Goldberg and are part of a collection published by McGraw-Hill. The first title lets you set your own schedule by working at home and informs you about the different types of work that can be done from self-employment status. The second book allows your competitive nature to lead the way to success. Also included is a list of sources to use in the job search field. Other titles in the series include: Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy Types by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler, and Careers for Perfectionists & Other Meticulous Types by Blythe Camenson. These books are all built around the concept of using your strengths in personality and nature in searching for the perfect job.


Independence Day Closing Reminder

The Library will be closed for Independence Day: Friday, July 4th, 2008.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Picks! for July: Independence Day

AmericaCheck out our brand-new Youth Services' Our Picks! list for July 2008-- in honor of Independence Day, it features our Youth Services Staff's favorite books about states, presidents, and all things American. You can view the full list here.

Also, take a look at our flower-box book holders, which are full of these books and other July4th-themed titles. You'll know them by their patriotic bunting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New: Italian Language Children's Books at Perrot!

Italian FlagPerrot has recently established a section dedicated to Italian language books for children! As a result of a book drive conducted by local parents and members of the Italian Conversation Club, we now have over seventy books for toddlers, children and young adults. Of these, the Rizzoli Store in New York City donated close to thirty fantastic books.

The books were donated to the library on the occasion of the Festa della Repubblica, the Italian National Day, on June 2nd, and we have begun shelving the books this week. From board and picture books, to fairy tale anthologies, and modern day classics, we hope that the collection will offer something of interest to children of all ages.

Titles include:

  • Il Giornalino di Gian Burasca

  • Il Grande Libro delle Fiabe d’Oro

  • Cenerentola

  • Pinocchio

  • La Fattoria

  • Il Piccolo Principe

  • Le Meraviglie d’Egitto

  • Barbie – Guida Completa Fashion

  • Dragologie

And many more…

The Club hopes to continue to add to this collection in the coming years and an Italian Story Time, led by Italian-speaking parents, is in the works.

Please come in and check out these new additions to the Perrot’s collection!

Book Recommendation/Local News From a Perrot Patron

A Perrot patron sent in some information on a recent book written by his daughter, Elizabeth Pisani, and her upcoming discussion on it in town:

The Wisdom of Whores, by Elizabeth PisaniOn July 2nd, Just Books is presenting Elizabeth Pisani as she discusses her new book, The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS, which was recently launched in Europe to wide acclaim, and just published in the U.S. this month.

The Times calls the book "a gripping and surprisingly entertaining account of the waste, fraud, and jaw-dropping arrogance of the AIDS industry." The Observer notes that, "[Pisani's] views may be controversial, but to the lay reader this is a fascinating and revelatory account of a world in which AIDS has become a fashionable cause to which the West now pledges billions of dollars-- money that has introduced corruption and greed into an already complex equation." The Economist appreciates Pisani's "desire to challenge taboos," and The Financial Times calls The Wisdom of Whores "a highly readable book."

Dr. Pisani has a PhD in infectious disease epidemiology and has worked for the World Bank, UNAIDS, the WHO, and consulted with, among others, the governments of China, the U.S., the U.K., and Indonesia. She has lived in Riverside; her parents currently live in Old Greenwich.

Dr. Pisani will be reading from her book, answering questions, and signing copies at Arcadia Coffee House on Arcadia Road in Old Greenwich, on Wedesnday, July 2nd, 2008, and 7 P.M.

Friday, June 13, 2008

From Belly Fat to Belly Flat

From Belly Fat to Belly FlatFrom Belly Fat to Belly Flat: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waistline and Subtracting Years from Your Life
by C.W. Randolph, M.D. and Genie James

A must-read, particularly for anyone over 30 who’s even remotely interested in health and well-being. Don’t be fooled by the title; this is not just “another diet book.” Yes, it will tell you how to shed pounds, especially “around the middle”– but it is so much more than that. What I found of most value are the clear and specific explanations and practical information. Take a look-see and you’ll know what I mean.


A Graphic Novel for the Beach

Salt Water Taffy Volume 1: The Legend of Old SaltySalt Water Taffy Volume 1: The Legend of Old Salty
by Matthew Loux

A mythical giant lobster... a taffy shop robbery... a scurvy sea captain... wiley seagulls.... In this first book in a new series by Matthew Loux, brothers Jack and Benny get more than they bargained for when they are taken to the coastal town of Chowder Bay, Maine, for vacation. This funny, cool, and action-packed graphic novel is perfect to read seaside or poolside! Just keep a close eye on your salt water taffy (you'll see what I mean later...).

Series Books: Which Came First, A Dangerous Path, or The Darkest Hour?


You’ve decided that this is the summer you’re going to read the ENTIRE C.S. Lewis Narnia series . . . but perhaps you’re unsure of the order in which you should read the Narnia books (or the Charlie Bone books, or the Shadow Children books, or the Warrior books). We can help! Think you’ve got a stumper? Let us give it a try – we love a challenge. :)

-Mrs. K

What Rhymes with Scieszka?

(School) Summer Reading Lists are here. . . and we just know that all you eager readers will soon be storming the Youth Services Desk looking for just the right thing to read. :) We thought we’d give you a hand with the task of asking the staff to help you find the author of your choice by offering you a few pronunciation guides:

For example, Brian Jacques’s last name is pronounced JAKES; Jon Scieszka’s last name rhymes with FRESCA; Avi’s real name isn’t Avi at all!

Like to see more? Here are a few pages devoted to just this very thing:

Have fun!
-Mrs. K (missiz KAY) a/k/a Mrs. Krasniewicz (missiz KRAZ nuh wits)
(unless you want to say it in Polish, in which case it’s missiz krahsh NEV itch)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking for Something to Do This Weekend?

In addition to our Connecticut State Parks and Forests Day Pass, we now have available for checkout. . .

The passes are available at the Youth Services Desk and may be borrowed for one week.

Public School Summer Reading Lists

Copies of the Greenwich Schools Elementary and Middle School Reading Lists are available to browse at the Youth Services Circulation Desk.

The lists are also available online:

Traveling With Your Dog

If you plan on taking your dog on your vacation or just want to keep him or her entertained during the summer, here are some helpful books that have recently arrived:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beach Reads (Book #5)

The Now Habit
by Neil Fiore, Ph.D.

Self-improvement time on the beach this week. After all, too much brain candy may be hazardous to your attention to other tasks in your life-- I mean, who wants to clean out closets when there’s a new beach-worthy paperback just waiting to while your day away? (Yeah, if you can find it in that nasty closet you’ve been meaning to clean out . . . )

The subtitle of The Now Habit ("A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play"), spoke to me. Moms aren’t allowed guilt-free play, are they? Isn’t that like a rule? Well, not if mom can be content with the closet being cleaned out to just a bit below Martha Stewart standards (like maybe your out-of-season stuff is stored in Hefty bags instead of hand-hewn cedar storage containers, but heck, it’s stored, right?). Really, though, this is more a "why-to" than a "how-to": why you should recognize counterproductive messages ("I’ll never finish, so why start?"); why you should replace "I have to" with "I choose to"; why you should just keep on starting and face the worst first. Getting your most onerous task of the day out of the way will allow you to feel good about enjoying deserved down-time-- the better to get back to the beach!

- Sandy Page

Cool Link: LibriVox

LibriVox features free audiobooks of works in the public domain. You can download mp3s, browse their catalog, or subscribe to podcasts.

Have a listen:

Also, anyone can volunteer to read and record books for the site!

Morning Glory

A movie recommendation from Thalia:

Morning Glory (part of DVD set Katharine Hepburn: 100th Anniversary Collection)

It’s “quintessential Kate,” and a showcase of her breadth and depth. I really enjoyed this film; it’s a refreshing stroll down memory lane– and a special treat for aspiring actors (you’ll see why)!

Grilling (Or Not)

Now that the weather is getting better and Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s grillin’ time!

Come see some of our latest cookbooks and barbecue grilling books that have recently arrived. First, there’s BBQ Bash, by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig. Here you’ll find techniques for grilling, smoking or making a rotisserie for foods. There are appetizer ideas and fancy drinks, too. This can be your guide for a party, be it a barefoot one or black tie. In Grilled Pizzas and Piadinas, by Craig W. Priebe, with Dianne Jacob, the authors take our love of grilling and of pizza and sandwiches to make this unbeatable combination. You’ll want to head right out to fire up the grill! There are methods, too, for those who use indoor grills.

If you’re like me, and think it’s always too hot to cook, take a look at Mediterranean Fresh, by Joyce Goldstein. This book has numerous one-plate salad meals and mix-and-match dressings, for a nice cool dinner. Enjoy your grilling (or not) this summer!


Friday, June 06, 2008

Perilous Painting

Perilous Painting

The tippy top of the back wall in Youth Services gets a touch-up.

Things to Do This Weekend

  • Friends of the Byram Library Book Sale, June 6th-8th. Over 75,000 items for sale! At St. Paul's Lutheran Church. More info here.

  • Passport Day at Perrot, Saturday from 9:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. Bring your checkbook and a photo ID. More info here.

  • Connecticut Trails Day 2008: Whether you’re interested in a long or short hike, a history walk, kayaking, tree identification, horseback-riding, orienteering, letterboxing, trail maintenance, or cycling, Connecticut Trails Day offers a large variety of events for you and your family to enjoy! Saturday, June 8th, statewide. View the list of events here.

This Week's Flowers

This Week's Flowers

There's another amazing flower arrangement at the Adult Circulation Desk this week, provided by Patsy Crucitti & Sons florist in Old Greenwich. Stop by and take a look!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two Gentle Summer Reads

Jim the BoyJim the Boy
by Tony Earley

Jim Glass lives in a small Appalachian town with his widowed mother and three bachelor uncles. In this story of his tenth year, his world widens as he attends a new school, travels to the coast with his uncle, meets his notorious grandfather, and navigates a friendship with his arch rival. The Blue Star finds Jim in his 18th year, pining for Chrissie Steppe – who has a boyfriend in the Navy. It is the start of World War II and patriotism is running high. Jim struggles as he experiences what it means to grow up, considers enlisting to win the heart of Chrissie, and learns that life can be as complicated as love.


What's in Your Beach Bag This Summer?

Two summer reading recommendations from Lynn at the Reference Desk:

Sepulchre, by Kate Mosse, and The Tenth Gift, by Jane Johnson

These two novels are great summertime reads. In both, time lines are crossed and linked with a catastrophic event from the past.

SepulchreIn Sepulchre, tarot cards bring Meredith Martin from Paris to a hotel in Rennes-Les-Bains. Here she not only encounters Leonie Vernier, who visited the estate in 1890’s, but also a charming man who believes in her. Great harm was done to Leonie and her family back in the 19th century, and she can’t rest until all is revealed. Meredith finds answers through the tarot cards.

The Tenth GiftSimilarly, in The Tenth Gift, Julie Lovat receives, as a parting gift, an old book on embroidery. The guide turns out to also contain a hand-written diary of Cat Tregenna, who was kidnapped by Barbary pirates in 1625. Julie travels to Morocco to follow the leads in the account. The author weaves together a tapestry of both lives to create a marvelous story.

Take a look at even more recommendations for summer fare at this month's Great Reads from the Reference Librarians list.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Beach Reads (Book #4)

Summer by the Sea
by Susan Wiggs

Blurbs from Debbie Macomber and Jodi Picoult – plus the flip-flops-on-the-dock cover art – AND the fact that I actually found this one at the beach . . . well, who could resist?

Rosa Capoletti runs the finest little Italian restaurant in her native Winslow, Rhode Island; Celesta’s-by-the-Sea has been named "Best Place to Propose" by the New York Times three years in a row. And Rosa is thrilled: "She loved weddings and had been a bridesmaid six times. She knew it was six because, deep in the farthest reaches of her closet, she had six of the ugliest dresses ever designed, in colors no one had ever seen before." But Rosa, too wounded by the betrayal of the privileged "prep" who left her 12 years earlier, is still single. Reunited at the beach where they first fell in love, Rosa and Alex uncover and confront the deception at the heart of their parting. With a "Love Story" social dynamic, but without the maudlin McGraw/O’Neal overtone, this one is quite tasty. Recipes for Celesta’s specials, including caponata, cimabellone, pasta fazool, and torta crema are included.

-Sandy Page

Monday, June 02, 2008

Children's Program Registration Is Going on Now!

Registration for Youth Services Summer Programs is going on now through Saturday, June 21st, 2008. You may view the program schedule here.
  • Our program registration is by lottery
  • You must have an active library card in good standing to register
  • Obtain a registration postcard for the program of your choice from the Youth Services Circulation Desk
  • Fill out ALL of the required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Address the reverse of the card to yourself
  • Affix a first-class stamp (42¢)
  • Leave the card at the Youth Services Desk
  • Registration postcards/lottery results will be mailed back to you within a week of the close of registration

Questions? Please give us a call at 203-637-8802, or comment on this post.