Friday, September 07, 2007

Another Kids' Graphic Novel Recommendation: Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams *Click here to request this book* Did you like the Owly series? Then try this new graphic novel...

Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon

Robot Dreams is the new graphic novel from Sara Varon, author of last year's picture book format graphic novel, Chicken and Cat. Much longer than Chicken and Cat at 208 pages, Robot Dreams is a bittersweet tale about friendship and loss. Dog buys a build-your-own robot kit, and then takes his new friend with him to the beach. After a fun romp in the surf and a nap in the sand, Robot finds that his parts have rusted together and he is unable to move. Dog has to take the bus back home, but intends to come back later to retrieve his friend (he's awfully big for Dog to carry by himself). When Dog comes back, the beach is closed for the season. Dog sadly carries on, even making a few new but not-quite-right friends along the way, while Robot lies on the beach and daydreams about finding his friend Dog again. Will Robot and Dog ever be reunited? This moving, wordless graphic novel will be appreciated by both adults and kids, although sensitive types (like myself) might find themselves choking back a few tears at the end. --Vicky

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