Monday, July 23, 2007

Youth Services Summer Reading Contest-- Final Week!

This is the fourth and final week of the Youth Services Summer Reading Contest! This year, you have to guess which book the Perrot bears are reading. They will be reading a different book each week in July. You can go here to check, or come in to the Library. Once you know which book they're reading, come into the Library (and check out some books!!) to receive a guess slip. You can guess as many times as you check out books during the week!

Each week, we will put all of our correct guesses in a hat, and draw a winner. They will receive a super-cool prize! After this week is over, we will draw from among all the correct guess slips from all four weeks to select a GRAND PRIZE winner. See our winners so far here.

Also, there is a very special BONUS answer for your guess slip that you can ONLY see here at Perrot's blog! Look at the picture below, and figure out what the difference is between THIS picture and the picture on our website and at the circulation desk. [You can click on the picture to see a larger version.]

What is the difference between this photo and the one posted at Perrot's Youth Services Desk?

Do you see it? Make sure you fill in the answer on your guess slip. You will be entered to win a special BONUS prize if you answer the blog bonus question correctly! Have questions? Ask us at the desk or call us at 637-8802. Or you can comment on this post.

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