Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DVD Diva: Epic Films

Epic Films often take a historical or imagined event, mythic, legendary, or heroic figure, and add an extravagant setting and lavish costumes, accompanied by grandeur and spectacle and a sweeping musical score. -- FilmSite.org Read more about at: http://www.filmsite.org/epicsfilms.html

Check out one of Perrot's Epic Films today. . .

Gone With the Wind *Click here to request this DVD*Gone with the Wind
Focuses on the life and loves of the beautiful and selfish Scarlett O'Hara. The story begins on the O'Hara's Georgia plantation of Tara in antebellum days and moves through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

More at IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Gladiator *Click here to request this DVD*Gladiator
The war against the Germans won, Emperor Aurelius chooses the victorious General Maximus as his successor to the Roman empire. Commodus, Aurelius' heir, is jealous of this and enslaves Maximus to the gladiatorial arenas.

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Titanic *Click here to request this DVD*Titanic
Two people from different worlds meet and fall in love on the brief, tragic maiden voyage of the grand ocean liner Titanic.

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Mutiny on the Bounty *Click here to request this DVD*Mutiny on the Bounty
The Bounty leaves Portsmouth in 1787. Its destination: to sail to Tahiti and load bread-fruit. Captain Bligh will do anything to get there as fast as possible, using any means to keep up a strict discipline. When they arrive at Tahiti, it is like a paradise for the crew, something completely different than the living hell on the ship. On the way back to England, officer Fletcher Christian becomes the leader of a mutiny.

More at IMDb

Schindler's List *Click here to request this DVD*Schindler's List
The story of a Catholic war profiteer, Oskar Schindler, who risked his life and went bankrupt in order to save more than 1,000 Jews from certain death in concentration camps. He employed Jews in his crockery factory manufacturing goods for the German army. At the same time he tries to stay solvent with the help of a Jewish accountant and negotiates business with a vicious Nazi commandant who enjoys shooting Jews as target practice from the balcony of his villa that overlooks the prison camp he commands.

More at IMDb

A few more notable epics at Perrot: The Ten Commandments, The Robe, Spartacus

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