Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Overprogrammed? Overstimulated? Overloaded?

UnplugThis week, the Greenwich Time ran a feature encouraging "Family Slowdowns," which reminded families of how important it is to find the time to unplug electronic babysitters (TV, videos, video games, computers, etc.). Promoting free play and first-hand experience through crafts, games, and neighborhood field trips-- even if that’s just a walk around the block, taking note of the birds and the buds-- may be just what your children (and you!) need to recharge their very own batteries.

A visit to Perrot’s Youth Services Department might be just the thing! Select a book and sit in our beautiful space-- indoors or outdoors-- to savor it. Take a look at our crafts books (J 745) and birdwatching guides (J 598) to get started on a new interest, or ask us for a suggestion! We’d be happy to help you UNPLUG!

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