Friday, February 29, 2008

Great New Graphic Novels from Minx

Check out some of the graphic novels YS has just gotten in from DC Comics' new line, Minx:

Re-Gifters Good as Lily
ClubbingConfessions of a Blabbermouth

Re-Gifters, written by Mike Carey, art by Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel
Jen, a.k.a. Dixie, is the best in her class at hapkido. The national hapkido martial arts tournament is right at home in L.A. this year, so Dixie's father gives her $100 for the entrance fee. In the meantime, Dixie falls hard for Adam-- one of her classmates and a fellow hapkido enthusiast-- and gets invited to his birthday party. She finds a gift she thinks he'll love. . . but in order to buy it she spends the hapkido tournament money from her father. Now she has to win one of four free spots in the tournament in a street sweeps contest before her dad finds out! Dixie is a tough, spunky heroine, and this graphic novel features a colorful cast of characters-- Dixie's funny younger twin brothers, her stern Korean father, her best friend Avril, and the school tough guy, Dillinger (who's maybe not so tough after all).

Good as Lily, written by Derek Kirk Kim, art by Jesse Ham
After a strange incident on her 18th birthday, Grace Kwon ends up saddled with three versions of herself-- Grace 6-year-old, Grace the 29-year-old, and Grace the senior citizen. Grace has to hide all three of them from her parents, while keeping little Grace from beating up her childhood tormentor, 29-year-old Grace from flirting with her drama teacher, and 70-year-old Grace from smoking in the house-- and all the while work on keeping the school play from being cancelled!

Clubbing, written by Andi Watson, art by Josh Howard
After under-age Lottie gets caught with a fake ID, she must spend the summer with her grandparents on their golf course in the English countryside. But strange things start to happen... and then a body is discovered on the golf course! This graphic novel is tinged with the supernatural, and it's also a great chance to learn some English slang (there's a glossary in the back).

Confessions of a Blabbermouth, written by Mike and Louise Carey, art by Aaron Alexovich
Most of what happens in Tasha's life ends up on her blog-- she lives with her mom, a single parent, who runs her own lingerie business. She's brought home a new boyfriend, Jed, a romance novelist who Tasha is none too fond of. Worst of all, the Jed' daughter, Chloe, starts going to Tasha's school, begins writing for the school paper, and publishing insulting things about Tasha. After all of them take a vacation to the U.S. together (this is another one set in England), Tasha begins to think there's something fishy going on between Tasha and Chloe... This GN was co-written by Mike Carey, author of Re-Gifters, and his fifteen-year-old daughter, Louise.

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