Friday, January 25, 2008

Read the Book, Then See the Movie

Too often, movies are a shallow example of the book that inspired them, but sometimes movie adaptations make excellent partners with their books.

For instance, Gone with the Wind makes for an incredible visual epic as a movie-- its seems just like the author would have intended. Also, film version of The Kite Runner is very true to the novel, and deepens our understanding of the current events in Afghanistan.

What are some movies you've seen lately that are just as great as the book on which they were based? Comment on this post!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Charlie Wilson's War? How did that stack up to the movie.

Melissa said...

I actually liked THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA better as a movie.... !

Barbara said...

I totally agree. The book of Devil Wear's Prada was slow and tame in comparison to the movie which was evil and fun !

Karen said...

I think the Harry Potter movies are very faithful to the books and while they are not as detailed as the books, they provide great visuals. For me Daniel Radcliffe is Harry (along with Emma Watson as Hermione and Rupert Grint as Ron, actually almost all of the rest). I've never seen one of the movies without reading the book, I love both. I think the movies add a great dimension to the Harry Potter experience.