Thursday, June 28, 2007

Book Recommendation: The Sonnet Lover

With our Tuscany program coming up soon, here's a terrific book to get you into the mood, full of the sights and sounds of the Tuscan hillsides:

The Sonnet Lover *Click here to request this book*The Sonnet Lover, by Carol Goodman
A college professor, Rose Asher, returns to a villa outside of Florence, where she had been a student 20 years ago and had also first fallen in love. The villa, La Civetta is rumored to have been the home of Shakespeare's "Dark Lady," to whom he wrote his sonnets. Carol Goodman draws you into the intrigue and romance with her writing, as she surrounds you with the aromas of lemon and roses and skillfully weaves these scents into her plot. --Lynn

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