Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Book Review: The Watchman

The Watchman *Click here to request this book*The Watchman: A Joe Pike Novel, by Robert Crais
[Mystery] Robert Crais has written a new novel featuring a character from his bestselling Elvis Cole series. Larkin Barkley, a young, hard-partying heiress of Lohanian stature, T-bones a Mercedes while speeding through L.A. in the early morning hours. No one is injured, but a man riding in the back takes off on foot, while the Benz speeds off in the other direction. She writes the plate numbers down in lipstick on her forearm, calls 911-- and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, the FBI is involved, attempts have been made on her life, and someone is leaking info to her would-be killers. Enter Joe Pike: former Marine Sniper, ex-LAPD, and sometime professional soldier. An old debt is called in and Joe takes the job; he will protect Larkin Barkley no matter what. He calls on old friends Elvis Cole and crime scene investigator John Chen for help, but ultimately Joe Pike does things his way, and his way is the hard way. This novel takes us through many twists and turns, from Columbian drug cartels and terrorist financiers to shady real estate deals and soiled father figures. The story wraps itself up nicely with what may be a new twist on the old warhorse “the butler did it!” Highly recommended. --Nick

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