Friday, February 23, 2007

Book Review: Deep Storm

Deep Storm *Click here to request this book* Deep Storm, by Lincoln Child

[Fiction] Lincoln Child’s latest novel is a wonderfully engaging Techo-Thriller. Dr. Peter Crane, a former naval medical officer and submariner, is summoned under a veil of secrecy and deception to the North Sea, and the oil rig Deep Storm. Upon his arrival, Crane is taken to a highly classified military base resting on the ocean floor, where he is led to believe Atlantis has been found. His mission is to discover the cause of a strange sickness that has been affecting the crew and causing a myriad of seemingly unconnected symptoms. As Crane investigates, he begins to uncover the real truth behind the dig, and a classic thriller ensues. This is a great story, with confrontations between scientists searching for truth and the need-to-know classified arm of military intelligence. A saboteur is loose on the base and will stop at nothing to halt the dig. What exactly is buried beneath the ocean floor? The fate of the solar system may very well hang in the balance. This is just an all-around good read. -Nick

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