Thursday, January 04, 2007

Playaways Are (Finally) Here

Playaway: The first pre-loaded digital audiobook Playaways, the first pre-loaded digital audiobooks, are now available at Perrot. For hygenic
reasons, we will not be circulating the Playaways with headphones. However, you may purchase earbud headphones at either of our circulation desks for $1. You may also use your own headphones, or hook the Playaway up to a car adapter. They run on one AAA battery (provided by the library). The loan period is the same as for other audiobooks (3 weeks).

Click here to see a list of our Playaway titles.


Anonymous said...

I, as one who doesn’t have an iPod, found listening to a playaway a new and better way to listen to a book. With earphones on and a thin little box that fits into my pocket, I could do anything while Eragon’s story unfolded. It was like being in my own bubble of words.
Although the way the timer counted down was little confusing at first, it soon became a helpful way for me to stop at the end of the chapter. When I took the playaway on a trip, the car ride flew by. Playaways are great devices for trips or everyday life, allowing you to do anything you want while enjoying a great book.

Anonymous said...

I am another fan of Playaways. I noticed that Friedman's "The World is Flat" is available in Playaway. Might you consider getting this important title?

Perrot Memorial Library said...

Anonymous at 5:24 P.M.: Thanks for your comment. We will most likely be purchasing The World Is Flat on Playaway, so watch for it soon!