Monday, December 04, 2006

DVD Diva: Holiday Picks

With Thanksgiving (and our first snowfall) behind us, the December holidays are right around the corner. Here are some holiday movies to consider [click on the DVD cover image to request an item]:

A Christmas Story *Click here to request this DVD*A Christmas Story
This Christmas classic centers on Ralphie Parker, a young boy living in 1940's Indiana, desperately yearning for a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. Despite protests from his mother that he'll shoot his eye out, Ralphie persists, unsuccessfully trying to enlist the assistance of both his teacher and Santa Claus. All the while, Ralphie finds himself dealing with the constant taunts of a pair of bullies and trying not to get in the middle of a feud between his mother and father regarding a sexy leg lamp.

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Miracle on 34th Street *Click here to request this DVD*Miracle on 34th Street
In this Oscar-winning classic, a Macy's Department Store Santa who insists his name is Kris Kringle teaches everyone a lesson in love, faith and the value of imagination.

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Christmas in Connecticut *Click here to request this DVD*Christmas in Connecticut
A famous food writer lies about living on a farm, raising her children and being a good cook. In reality, she is an unmarried New Yorker who can't boil an egg. When her editor says she will spend Christmas with a heroic sailor, her job is on the line.

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And Coming Soon to the Perrot Collection:

Holidays for Children: KwanzaaHolidays for Children: Kwanzaa
Traditional West African drums, spirited dances, colorful candles and traditional clothes introduce young viewers to the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa. This program explores the seven principles of the Kwanzaa festival: Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work, Cooperation, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith in Self.

There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy GoldsteinThere's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein
This Emmy-Award Winning children's film, based on the book by the same name, is the tender story of a little Jewish girl at Christmas time who absolutely, positively loves Christmas trees. In this tender story, Robin's Grandfather helps her sort out "...the difference between celebrating something because you believe in it, and helping friends celebrate something because they believe in it."

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