Friday, September 22, 2006

The DVD Diva's Top Picks from Korea

The DVD Diva's latest picks are three movies from Korea. Read a history of Korean cinema here.

3-Iron *Click here to request this DVD*3-Iron: When a mysterious drifter breaks into a mansion, he discovers a lonely, beautiful woman trapped in an abusive marriage. When she escapes on the back of his motorcycle, their romantic adventures are just beginning.

More information at IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Untold Scandal *Click here to request this DVD*Untold Scandal: Set in 18th-century Korea, this movie is based on the French novel Dangerous Liaisons. Lady Cho decides to get revenge on her husband after he seeks out the services of a young concubine, So-ok. She asks her womanizing cousin, Cho-won, to seduce the girl. Cho-won doesn't see this as enough of a challenge. He instead suggests he takes on the challenge of seducing an honorable young widow, Lady Chung. Lady Cho makes a wager with Cho-won, offering herself to him if he succeeds in seducing the widow. But things take an unexpected turn when Cho-won begins to develop genuine feelings for his prey.

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Samaritan Girl *Click here to request this DVD*Samaritan Girl: Jae-Young is a prostitute who is "managed" by her best friend Yeo-Jin. Yeo-Jin fixes dates, takes care of the money, and makes sure the coast is clear. When Jae-Young falls in love with one of her customers, she has to supress her feelings towards him. One day, Yeo-Jin fails to notice police officers who are searching for underaged prostitutes. To avoid getting caught, Jae-Young jumps out of a window, nearly killing herself. On her deathbed, she wishes to see the man who she fell in love with and turned away from. Trying to understand her best friend, Yeo-Jin tracks down every man Jae-Young has ever slept with.

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Brian said...

I really enjoyed Untold Scandal. Korean cinema has really come into its own. Check out the action genre, too— I liked Musa Warrior and Tae Guk Gi.

Jaqueline said...


DVD Diva said...

Brian - thanks for the suggestions. Tae Guk Gi will be added to the Perrot collection soon.