Monday, August 28, 2006

Coming Soon to Perrot: Playaway-- The First Self-Playing Digital Audiobook

Playaway: Coming Soon to Perrot [Image from]
Playaways are coming soon to Perrot! Shown at left, each Playaway is loaded with an audiobook in its entirety. Controls on the back of the tiny device (half the size of a pack of playing cards) allow the listener to play, pause, fast forward, skip to the next section, control the speed of the narrator's voice, and digitally bookmark up to 50 spots in the recording. Each Playaway runs on AAA batteries, which will be included when the devices are borrowed from the library. They also take standard headphones, which will be available for purchase at Perrot. Playaways are compatible with cassette tape adapters and FM transmitters for your car. Perrot will be developing collections of both Adult and Children's Playaway audiobooks-- watch for them soon!


palmer said...

This looks great! Will they circulate for the regular 3-week period?

Perrot Memorial Library said...

Thanks for your comment! Yes, Playaways will circulate for 3 weeks, just like regular audiobooks.